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Paramount Online Academy supports Paramount’s mission of inspiring students through a unique academic approach. Kindergarten through grade 8 students receive free, virtual, data-driven instruction with high engagement and consistent collaboration from anywhere in Indiana.

Online Classes. Personal Attention.

With live, teacher-led instruction three times daily, our virtual classes mirror an on-campus block schedule to keep students focused. Regular assessments keep students on track. Inclusion and collaboration keep them engaged.

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What Makes Paramount Online Academy Different?

What makes our online school different from the others? Paramount teaches both academic content and life lessons through a high-quality digital curriculum platform.

  • Top-ranked academics with complete adherence to state assessments and school-year requirements

  • Live, teacher-led lessons focus on one learning target at a time

  • Teachers monitor student mastery of guided practice problems

  • Students practice skills with real-time teacher feedback in Google Classroom

  • All technology and materials supplied

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Parent Testimonial

“The gifted and talented program element was a large part of why we chose Paramount. They had the number one test scores in the state. I appreciate that my kids' brilliance is both celebrated and challenged.”

C.J. Edwards

parent of Paramount students in grades 1 and 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

about online schools in Indiana

Student success in online school is highest when teachers can interact with — and provide feedback to — students in real time. Online schools differ from virtual schools because they have a strong collaborative component and include frequent assessments to ensure students stay on track. They also differ from homeschooling because they allow your child to work with other students and highly trained and certified teachers in a real-time flexible schedule that fits your household dynamics.

Online Academy is a FREE online school for kindergarten through grade 8 students residing anywhere in Indiana.

The flexibility of the class schedule coupled with open communication between students and teachers means every student has the attention they need to progress. Students can also move at their own pace, keeping them focused and engaged. Online elementary and middle schools help students stay focused by eliminating “wasted” time in the day.

Definitely! Online Academy students have full access to clubs and athletics on Paramount campuses throughout Indianapolis, where they can meet and make new friends.

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