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Paramount Schools receives an unprecedented $3 million gift from philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott.

Dear Paramount Schools of Excellence Community,

I have some amazing news to share.

This week, we received an unprecedented $3 million gift from philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott.

Ms. Scott is a mother and activist who pledged in 2019 to give a significant portion of her multi-billion-dollar fortune away to charitable organizations. Her donation demonstrates her confidence in our organization, and it is a testament to the great work we do for our educational communities every day.

With charter schools receiving 76 cents on the dollar compared to traditional public schools, Ms. Scott’s philanthropic support provides temporary relief from this enormous public funding gap. Her donation is timely in the fact that Paramount is opening two new campuses next year. These funds will be a welcome help to this expansion effort, ensuring that all Paramount schools have the support and capacity needed to ensure student success.

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As a public school system, we are constantly reminded about the confusion surrounding charter schools. Many parents don’t realize charter schools are free, public schools. They think we’re expensive and private. There are also parents in our communities who think we are a select school system with specific entrance requirements. These beliefs are not true. So, it’s important that our local families understand we are a top-rated, high-quality, free option, devoid of any entrance requirements. We’re excited to leverage a portion of this gift to the ongoing messaging of enrollment opportunity and seat availability to our school communities. We’re a National Blue Ribbon and National Green Ribbon Award winner, and we’ve been A rated by the state of Indiana for the past 9 years. We want every parent who prioritizes excellence for their child to know we are here for them as a welcoming, supportive partner.

We are confident that the multiple impacts of this gift will be felt in every Paramount School Community as we work to make sure we are proud, responsible stewards of both private and public funding. We are beyond grateful for Ms. Scott’s generosity and will continue to work to ensure that all children, inclusive of their rich racial diversities and socioeconomic backgrounds, are empowered to achieve at the highest level while in our care.

Tommy Reddicks

CEO, Paramount Schools of Excellence

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