Director’s Message

At Paramount Schools of Excellence we treat every child and every family with healthy support, positive communication, and focused instruction.

Our schools exemplify the community school model, by blending a consistent and dedicated focus on the community with a desire to protect and grow the academic environment. This creates a culture of connectivity and provides a powerful base for growth.

From our innovative framework, Paramount strives to become an anchor in the community through its initiatives in health, behavior, academic rigor, and sustainability. In doing this, we make use of exciting components like community fairs, neighborhood cleanups, robotics, wind turbines, recycling, composting, cheese-making, bee-keeping, and farming. These focus scaffold excitement alongside academics and keep our system moving forward with incredible momentum.

As a graduate of the University of Wyoming, I began my educational career as a music teacher in 1995 and still compose and record music today. I have composed more than 20 children’s musicals and keep an online selection of original songs for students and families to hear (Click here to listen to just a few). My latest two CD releases are both available on iTunes and Amazon. It is my love for music and composition that kindles a constant need for improvisation and innovation, and this has helped to keep our focus and programming within an innovative lens. As a side hobby, I have a passion for the game of Ping Pong, and am a cheesemaker at home.

As the Chief Executive Officer, I have worked in public, private, and charter schools, and have had the pleasure of playing a role in the opening of three K-8 charter schools in the US. I have been writing school curriculum and presenting educational workshops around the country since 2002. In 2015, I published an educational book with my daughter Madeline called the Insane Book of Riddles, Codes, and Secret Math. I have also helped create an educational backpack program for school readiness.

In my experience around the country, I have never worked in a more impactful, innovative, and interactive educational environment. Paramount has shown a consistent ability to generate excitement and help children grow academically, and we are committed to that ongoing effort.

I am excited you are interested in learning more about our school and look forward to exploring your connection to the success of our children.

Tommy Reddicks

Chief Executive Officer
Paramount Schools of Excellence


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